Thursday, May 22, 2008

Green Wallpapers

Do you like green wallpapers? You are not alone. There seems to be an abundance of lovely chloroform laced wallpapers out there. Some of the extreme close-up photography has got me asking "did nature make that?". Whether you are just celebrating the outdoors or you are sick of that ugly field in Windows XP ... here are some green wallpapers that are sure to please.

I have linked all of these thumbnails to their homes on which features some of the most stunning photography I've ever seen. And yes, they have wallpaper in your size (including wide screen displays).

Still need more green? Try this search!

*NEW* I will be getting an EEE PC soon to use at work. If you have an EEE PC, and are looking for some nice green wallpaper, look no further. Download this zip package which includes all the above wallpaper which I have scaled and cropped to fit the 800x480 dimensions of the screen.

-Steve Ballantyne