Thursday, November 29, 2007

News Flash : Vista Is Terrible

You are probably sick of reading it and I am sick of saying it but Vista is very, very bad. My latest gripe is all the new error messages that I seem to be generating. This takes me back to the days of old with Windows where you get a message that makes absolutely no sense at all, which also supplies you with the sense that someone will do something about it, and then leaves without giving much more detail (only to reappear in an hour or so).

Here is one ...

A program stopped working. I knew that all ready though, because it went away when it crashed. The error message indicates that Windows will notify me of a solution. But when I "close program", I don't get any notifications. I guess they will track me down and call me. One day I will get a call from an engineer who has a solution to the 3,000+ crashes I had this year.

Here is another ...

It seems that "some program" which wants to remain anonymous is trying to tell me something, but it simply can't. Oh the suspense! Should I be reminded later? What if the program has something really important to tell me? Unfortunately I didn't click the "Why does this happen?" link. I will never know the crackpot reasoning behind the message. It ended up being a browser window which was trying to refresh it's advertisements.

More worthless error messages to come!